Who are are: 

The People Speak CIC inspires communities to be creative and provides training and opportunities to people in East London.

The company’s activities will provide benefit to all of the various community groups in East London and beyond, by creating an inclusive, non-judgemental, non-hierarchical space for inter and intra community dialogue. We seek to promote creative dialogue between people of all ages, classes, genders, ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. 

The company’s activities primarily benefit local community groups in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham. We work with people of all ages, classes, genders, cultural and religious backgrounds that live side-by-side in these boroughs. Through formats like Talkaoke – a pop-up talkshow – we promote speaking, listening and exchange of ideas and perspectives between these groups, helping to strengthen community cohesion and dialogue and supporting creative and collaborative initiatives, which positively impact their neighbourhoods. We work with a wide range of organisations and charities to deliver our activities nationally, including facilitating community consultation to inform local cultural, community and placemaking strategies. 

What we do: 

  • Provide creative and interactive group activities for the communities in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and the wider UK by using a multi-arts approach, technology and creative facilitation; including online events
  • Facilitate regular discussion forums such as Talkaoke – the pop-up talk show; 
  • Facilitate community consultation to inform local, cultural,  community and placemaking strategies; 
  • Provide open-door creative support for people who come to our premises in Aberfeldy Street, Poplar
  • Provide training and opportunities to local young people and emerging creatives.

Benefits to the community:

  • Supporting local participants to learn new skills creatively explore their interest and meet people outside of their usual lived experience,
  • Providing activities and events that are free for all communities to access, 
  • Strengthening community cohesion through running events and activities that bring all sections of the community together, 
  • Empowering people from across communities by ensuring their voices and ideas are listened to and reflected in plans that directly impact where they live, 
  • Developing diverse and disadvantaged young people and emerging creatives’ skills, particularly around facilitation and listening, digital and live production and delivery.
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